education projects

We want you to be more than a tourist, we want you to interact with the local culture and help us supporting the development of local communities. We believe education has the power to change a life and is important for the personal, social and economic development of a country. Education empowers minds to conceive good ideas while making life decisions.  All over the country many schools are faced with severe educational challenges and lack of school materials among other problems that make access to quality education very difficult.

Connect De World holds it as a priority to assist in this challenge by providing the necessary help to improve the education and the lives of the people in the communities. When you travel with us, we allocate a percentage of the income generated from the trip to support the local communities schools, by providing building materials, stationary supplies and IT materials. In this regard, We encourage you to be part of this projects, simply use a space in your luggage to pack some study materials needed. 

Together we can make a change!